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Van / Commercial Springs

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Jones Springs provide a wide range of van, commercial and trailer springs, with over 50 years experience we have a good understanding of commercial vehicles and can refurbish or build new springs depending on the vehicle. If a spring needs to be manufactured we can do this on site and most jobs can be completed within a day so you can have your vehicle ready for use in the same day.

Over the years we have built up a large library of specifications for all the leading manufacturers in vans and commercial vehicles. We also manufacture all our commercial springs from high quality European rolled steel ensuring that they are built to last and endure the large weight loads and constant use that is demanded by commercial vehicles.

We offer a wide range of both parabolic and uprated springs suited to all types of vehicle including trailers.

We have a comprehensive range of high quality parabolic springs which are always in stock allowing a quick and efficient service. Our large supply of uprated springs means that we are the leading supplier in the UK for this type of spring giving you the most comprehensive range or uprated springs anywhere in the UK and because of the storage space at our local Midlands warehouse stocks are always available. 

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