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Vintage Car Springs

Whether you have a vintage car or a commercial vehicle Jones Springs has over 50 years experience in restoring and replacing springs in all manner of vehicles so you can be assured that your vintage car will remain in pristine condition.

At Jones Springs we have the largest original library of vintage specification of British made cars anywhere in the world meaning you can be sure that your vintage car is in the hand or professionals with a broad range of experience and knowledge of a wide selection of British cars no matter how rare. In some cases a replacement may not be required as we have the facilities to refurbish old springs allowing you to keep your vintage car with all its original parts.

Jones Springs can also cater for a wide range of American and European vintage vehicles, our wide range of high quality replica springs mean that we can manufacture a spring to fit any vintage car no matter where its origin may be from. Using a replica spring means that you will be able to keep the original look and feel of your car without the problems and costs of trying to track down an original spring or part.

All springs we manufacture at Jones Springs are created from high quality British rolled steel, we keep in constant contact with our suppliers to ensure that we always have a healthy supply of steel and can be confident that it is of the highest standard possible before use.

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